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2017 East Coast MX Series

The 2017 East Coast MX Series is a 5 round Motocross Championship held at various motocross clubs in NSW from February through to July. Click here to register now and become part of the East Coast action.


Round 1 Lakes MCC 4-5 February 2017
Round 3 Hastings Valley MCC TBA
Round 4 Maitland DMCC TBA
Round 5
Cessnock MCC

Important Information

Changes for ECMX 2017:

newNew venues for 2017:
___________ACTMCC Rnd2
___________Cessnock MCC Rnd5

new65cc age groups:
___________7-u9 65cc
___________9-u12 65cc

newPoints scored per moto each round:
___________For example 35 points for 1st place
___________3 x 1st places = 105 points overall

new12-u16 years 85cc Eliminator at Rnd 2 & 4
___________Junior Lites Eliminator at Rnd 1, 3 & 5

newNew scoring system proposed for the Junior Girls championship. After feedback from some of the riders and parents it was necessary to try and come up with a fairer way of scoring because some junior classes have more competitors than others giving the riders in the smaller classes an advantage. So what I am proposing for 2017 is each round for the Junior Girls will be rescored as a percentage of how many riders are entered at the start of the day in a particular class, i.e. divide the finishing position by the number of riders entered, then multiply by 100. For example if a rider finishes 20th place overall out of 40 riders, she will receive 50 as a score (20 ÷ 40 x 100 = 50%). If another rider finishes 7th out of 12 riders, she will receive 58 as a score (7 ÷ 12 x 100 = 58%). The competitor with the lowest total score is the winner, and so on for the other competitors. Then the Junior Girls competitors will be rescored after each round as per the GCR’s i.e. 35 points to 1st overall, 32 points for 2nd overall, 30 points for 3rd overall, 28 points for 4th overall, etc. Their points from whatever class they compete in will be tallied up at each round of the series towards the championship regardless of what class they compete in.

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2016 Event Photos

Go to Registration to download 2016 East Coast MX Supp regs

Race the series…

Series entries will be given preference. Limited entries! 40 entries available in Rounds 1,2 & 3, and 32 entries available in Round 4, and 30 entries in Round 5. No qualifying! Once a class is full entries will close for that class.

Supported by…

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